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Description: If you are doing business in Oregon and are not using the legal real and true name of each owner in the name of the business, you are legally required to file an Assumed Business Name. (Unless you wish to file as another kind of business entity such as a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company, which can be in lieu of an assumed business name)

OREGON Assumed business names can now be filed online. See the link below.

An assumed business name is also called a: DBA ( doing business as ), ABN, new businesses, names, corporations, companies, fictitious, register to do business, application
Renewal Information: Must be renewed every two years.
Fees - application:  $139.99
Bonding Requirements: None
Insurance Requirements: None
Application DBA Form: Assumed Business Name Application Form Online On this Website


File or Register, Record Your Assumed Business Name & All Tax Id Numbers or Licenses You Need To Start Your Business  Today!

An Assumed Business Name is the beginning of registering your business...  It could be a business name you always wanted but most importantly you need to file it so you can be allowed to open a bank account.   An Assumed Business Name Choice should be easy to remember but it does have to.  Make sure it can create an emotion with its sound. Here's how to go about getting a great Assumed Business Name:



  1. You can now file an Assumed Business Name Online! See link below.
  2. Submit an online form on this site
  3. Pay for our service fee
  4. We will Register your name by filing a dba name certificate


  1. Don’t use names that have some generic meaning such as a first name such as Bob.
  2. Don’t use a name that describes the actual product or services such as Mary's Cleaning Maids.
  3. Don’t use the local name of the city or state your business is located because you may expand your business nationwide or even internationally.
  4. Remember: Short and easy is better than long and difficult.

What You Need:

  • The chosen name
  • Your business information such as the business or home address
  • A credit card, check, or money order
  • Access to a computer to submit the information

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